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Listening to Your Soul

On Yom Kippur, your soul speaks the loudest. We fast and dry ourselves of all our basic pleasures as we create space for our soul to communicate with us.

To know your soul’s mission here on earth is not an easy journey. We can be clouded by the opinions of others, distracted by the materialistic aspects of life, or we simply can’t find something that brings fulfillment. There is a voice inside that nudges you towards your path, guiding you in the direction of your mission. This voice is easily ignored because what’s spoken to you may not seem logical or even scary. Have you ever found yourself making a decision then regretting it afterward because “it felt wrong”? Have you made a decision based on a good feeling? Learn to trust yourself - your intuition, that small voice inside of you will guide you. It knows the path.

Trust yourself to make decisions that may not seem logical but feel right. Trust yourself to say no when something doesn’t feel right. Trust yourself to go with that voice inside you. There will be opportunities sent your way for you to fulfill your soul’s mission. If you feel pulled to do something, a feeling that’s indescribable but just felt so right, you are walking your path. What is meant for you will be yours. The signs and messages will continuously be shown to you. Do what makes you feel ALIVE. If you are doing something that drains you, leaves you feeling confused and empty, you are not doing your soul’s mission.

Yom Kippur is your opportunity to communicate with your soul. Listening to that voice inside of you takes practice, it requires you to trust yourself, the universe, and God. Know that what you do has a purpose. You have a purpose. Learn to listen to your soul, it knows the path you need to go on. Attached is a guided Kabbalistic meditation made by me on listening to your soul. I wish you a meaningful and enlightening fast. May you learn the language of your soul and the God within.

גמר חתימה טובה


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