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Coaching for the Soul

1:1 coaching with Elisheva
Online sessions
250nis // $73

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To reach your greatest potential, you first have to decide to find the treasure within.
We will transcend limiting beliefs by uncovering habits and patterns that prevent you from taking action that benefits you in the long run. 

We will use Kabbalistic principles and transformational coaching tools to help you live a more meaningful life, see your own potential, and discover the power and the Divine presence within. Kabbalah teaches that everything has a purpose, even hardship. We learn that hardship is actually something very good because through hardship one can reveal his/her strength. According to Kabbalah, we are here to transform and transformation happens when we break habits, beliefs, and actions that hold us back and see every obstacle as a way to connect to Hashem and inner strength. 

Torah teaches that our words create realities, even when Hashem created the world בעשרה מאמרות נברא העולם - The world was created with ten utterances". Our thoughts impact our words and our words impact our actions. What we think and say has importance because it ultimately influences what we do.  At Coaching for the Soul, I will help you notice how you may be the one standing in your own way and give you tools and support for change. 

No matter how far you may think you have fallen or how lost you may feel, you have the ability to turn yourself around. This can only come from within you - this is your free will. 

Schedule a free 20-minute call if you feel called to transform from within. 

Do not give yourself over to sorrow or distress. A merry heart keeps a person alive, and joy lengthens one's days - Yeshua Ben Sira

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Tel Aviv, Israel

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