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Rise Above Your Nature Monthly Roadmapping

Kabbalah teaches each month has its own unique spiritual opportunities and blessings. Just as there are changes in the weather, there are also changes in spiritual energies. By connecting to these energies, they provide divine knowledge and wisdom for our personal and spiritual growth.

However, it is important to know that we are not bounded by any planetary energies. Whatever the energy may be that month or in your birth chart, we can always RISE above it. An example of this is from Avraham Avenu in Bereshit. 

Avraham was an old man with no children, he had a hard time believing that from him will descend the Jewish nation because it was in his constellation he will not have children. Hashem then took Avraham above the stars to show him two things, 1) he is not influenced by what is written in his constellation and 2) the great nation of the Jewish people.

We learn from this that we are not bounded to what is written in the stars, our past, and our personal nature. We have free choice to choose to learn about the energetic influences, we can choose to rise above our nature, and expand ourselves in such a way that we break through our boundaries. We are meant to transform. We are meant to experience hardship in order to grow through the struggle for reasons we may never understand in this lifetime. With all this, we have the most incredible force with us, and that is the greatness of Hashem guiding us in the process.

Rise Above Your Nature is two monthly meetings. Once at the beginning of each month (Rosh Chodesh) and the middle of the month (Full Moon). The first session of every month is up to 1.5 hours while the second session is up to one hour. See below the breakdown of the sessions. 

How It Works

Zoom call

Session 1 

Session 2 

Before starting our work together, first schedule a free 20-minute call. We will explore your needs and determine if we are a good match together. If satisfied,  we will schedule our first session together for the road mapping. 

In the first session, we reflect on the previous month to bring more awareness into the areas you may be struggling in, point out sabotaging habits, and discuss where you want to direct your energy for the new month. We then acknowledge the triumphs and struggles of the previous month in order for us to move forward.

You will receive the essence of the month according to Kabbalah for a deeper understanding of the spiritual forces. This guides you on what to expect in the energetic shift and what it means for you on your journey. After the reflection, we create SMART goals, spiritual goals, and a roadmap for the new month.  

This is our check-in point. We will see what you have been up to, what has been coming up for you, where you are at, and re-establish goals if needed. 

You get the support you need to process and navigate your transformation. No matter the hardship, there is a way to grow through the struggle. 

To help navigate the month, you will have a customized worksheet with your goals, a short description of the month, tools for transforming based on Kabbalah and personal development, accountability, and the ability to recognize your strength. 

Rise Above Your Nature Monthly Roadmapping is $153

Let's Rise Together

If you want to incorporate Rise Above Your Nature

to your lifestyle, schedule a call :)  

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