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Hi, I'm Elisheva

I'm the Founder of Havaya Meditation

Our mindset is the source of our actions, potential, and the reality in which we live.

With a healthy mind, you can live a life of positivity and growth. I believe that anyone has the power to become the best version of themselves despite their past and current situation. However, the ability to change your mindset and tap into that self-power is not so easy for some. With the right guidance, commitment, and tools, you can achieve mental stability and the greatness you desire through the mind. 

Meditation and body movement healed my childhood trauma and continue to heal me in multiple ways. With consistency and dedication to meditation and spiritual practices, I became more emotionally resilient, mentally strong, and physically healthy.

















I used to live in a reality that if anything bad happened to me, it was the end of the world. Meditation taught me that nothing happens to me rather, everything happens for me.


I learned to welcome my emotions and release them, instead of holding onto them. I learned to understand my thought patterns, sources of pain, place boundaries, and stop giving away my energy to people and habits that were not serving my greatest good.

I suffered from constant negative thought patterns and self-talk, it was my downfall.

I found myself creating unhealthy stories in my head, living in fear, and pretending to something I was not. 


As I searched for deep healing, my mom told me to meditate. At first, I was highly skeptical. During my first meditations, I felt childhood trauma, I felt my pain, I felt my own energy, and I felt the energy of God within me. I begged God to heal my heart, I held my inner child, I connected to my most authentic self.

I discovered true love within myself and forgiveness.


Meditation and spirituality gave me a healthy perspective on life and who I am in this complex world. I learned how to filter distractions and return back to my authentic self.


Meditation taught me how to focus on myself while getting comfortable in my own energy. Before I started meditating, I struggled with concentration and focusing on tasks. I used to believe that no matter what, I would need to take Ritalin to focus. With consistent meditation practice, I overcame that limiting belief and no longer take Ritalin. 


Thanks to great love, support, meditation, and studying tools of Kabbalah, I healed my mind, thoughts, body, and soul. 

I created Havaya Meditation to help others breathe, be, and experience deep inner healing, self-love, and self-acceptance.

Meditation and spirituality changed my life and I know these tools can help you achieve healing and be on the path of wellness too. 





My Story

I thank my family, partner, teachers, mentors, and friends that helped me, guided me, and opened my heart.

Your natural state is healthy, whole, and complete. Meditation teaches you how to control overwhelming emotions, self-awareness, self-acceptance while spiritually brings meaning to life. 


 You have the ability to change your mindset and create a positive reality, heal from trauma, visualize, and become a healthy you.

Learn to replace limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs, work through overwhelming emotions, take control of your mind, thoughts, and life with meditation and spirituality.


I hold a bachelor's degree in Government & Sustainability with a minor in entrepreneurship. I am also certified in trauma healing, Kabbalistic meditation, and Qigong.

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