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Free Elul Journal Practice

Navigating Your Inner World Through Journaling

How Elul's Reflection Benefits Your Upcoming Year

Elul is a time to grow in inner wisdom, set things right, to reflect with understanding, and review your relationship with Hashem. This process is known as Teshuva (returning) and Cheshbon HaNefesh (accounting of the soul). It is helpful and even encouraged to take a look at your strengths, shortcomings, and goals for the future.

The journaling practice includes 4 sections with guided journaling questions as well as a bonus section. You will be guided through reflective prompts and thought-provoking questions designed to help you explore your thoughts, emotions, and intentions for the year. Take part in self-expression through writing, and introspection as you navigate your own unique spiritual journey during Elul.

If you want the accountability to do the inner work and organization, I invite you to join my live online Elul Group Journal Session


Elul Free Journal Download

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Elul Journal Practice Download

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