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A secret to selling your product - it's all about the timing, the person, the place, and the brain

By defining my why, I opened up limitless potential.

According to Simon Sinek author of Start With Why, if Apple would start their message with what they do, it would look like this: “We make great computers. They’re user friendly, beautifully designed, and easy to use. Want to buy one?” Although their statement may be true, it does not sound any different from their competition. Let’s compare the previous statement to Apple’s marketing message that starts with why:

“With everything we do, we aim to challenge the status quo. We aim to think differently. Our products are user friendly, beautifully designed, and easy to use. We just happen to make great computers. Want to buy one?”

Do you feel the difference?

Why does this matter?

Because the way we convey our story to our audience has to do with parts of our brain that we use to communicate. When you speak about what you do, you speak to the analytical parts of the brain. When you speak about why and how, you connect to the limbic system - the feelings, emotions, memory, and overall human behavior. Simon Sinek reminds us of something that I discovered when I first started my meditation business and that is -

we are human beings and we are meant to connect through feeling.

Finding your why comes from within you, this is not something that you will externally find. Your ‘why’ is personal to you and meant to fire you up each morning to get to work and accomplish your mission.

Finding your why: Block out some time and ask yourself questions. Whether you may be an established business or not, it is always good to revisit your why to keep you on track or to create your why to get you on track.

Questions to ask yourself or workplace:

Why: Why are you doing what you are doing? Why did you develop this product or service? Why do you want to develop this product or service? Why does this business matter to you? What is the purpose of the product?

The WHY is your vision.

How: How will your product or service serve or change the lives of others? How are you solving their problem? Which challenges are you helping them overcome?

The HOW is your method.

What: What are you offering? What is your product or service? What are the features and benefits of it? What is important to you?

The WHAT is your product.

TIMING is everything!

When communicating your service or product, there is a certain time with a certain person and at a certain place to communicate your vision (why), method (how), and product (what).

Vision vs product - it's all about the time, person, and place. Depending on the platform and available time span you have, here are a few ways to share your vision or product! Short timeframe: branding opportunities, interviews, seminars, talks, and blogs. Here, you are aiming to deliver quick value to the user so you can get into their “mindspace”, hopefully making a sale that will continue into a longer dialogue with them later on.

Longer timeframe: messaging channels, websites, podcasts, ads, and posters. Here, you are planting the seed in the “mindspace” of the user. This gives an opportunity for your brand/vision to grow on your users.

Knowing when to sell your vision or product relates back to a certain time, person, and place. Get a feel of the situation, the person you are talking with, and listen for opportunities to present either your vision (why), method (how), or product (why).

Keep in mind when talking about your product or service, people may not be curious about your why but rather, a solution and later on interested in your why.

Using Sinek’s Golden Circle, I was able to find my why at Havaya Meditation:

WHY: At Havaya Meditation, I want to help you heal from within using your mind, body, and soul without the need for medication.

HOW? Just you, your body, your breath, self-love, and self-acceptance. Through meditation, qi-gong, and positive healthy habits, you will build a growth mindset and gain a healthy perspective on yourself and life.

WITH WHAT? With customized meditations, qi-gong, and sparks of Kabbalah. You will benefit from reconnecting to your true self and feeling at home in your body. Release tension, stress, and trauma from your mind and body that was either passed down to you or caused by your family or society.


Looking at an empty page to fill with words can sometimes be a difficult thing to do. Don’t stress yourself over it. Finding my why took me a couple of days, don’t rush the process. You are an ever-changing evolving person, it’s okay if your why changes as long as you stick to your core values. If you can think back to what or who you wanted to be when you were younger, you may find that your ‘why’ is not impossible to find after all. Be vulnerable in your work, generate emotions from your audience, and be authentic. Don’t rush the process, let it come naturally.

Remember, timing is everything! Figure out if the time span you have when you speak to your audience is short or long. If it's a short time span - ask yourself, “what is in it for the user?” and deliver the message. Long time span - “what is our vision and why should anyone care?”.

Check out my blog post on how your emotion can help you better navigate your life and your personal journey.

“Find your why and you’ll find your way”

This blog post by Jason Teunissen added so much value to Sinek’s Golden Circle, check it out!

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Josh Kakone
Josh Kakone
Oct 16, 2020

Really enjoyed reading this!


Dan Martin
Dan Martin
Oct 15, 2020

I love it! keep the good content coming!

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