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Green Succulent Plant

Havaya Meditation to awaken the love within

Breathe. Be. Experience. 

My mission is to
guide you into being
your own healer

I stand by sharing my knowledge and tools in self-healing with as many people as I can.

I want to help you heal and reconnect you with your true self by overcoming harmful habits and behavior that were passed down to you from your family or by society and trauma.



Enter a new way of living with self-love and a positive mindset that encourages a healthy perspective on life. With tools from Kabbalah, spirituality, meditation, and body movement, you access your most authentic self by shedding old layers and habits that do not serve your greatest good.


Welcome true vulnerability, consciousness in your actions, and self-awareness. 

Be your own healer using your mind, body, and soul.

With customized meditations, spiritual life guidance, support, and accountability, you will connect and discover the deepest parts of yourself.

Do you want to be your most authentic self?

Do you want to live with purpose, connection, and growth?


Sometimes we need coaching, new insights, support, ad accountability to get there. That's what this is all about. Together, we are embarking on a personal and spiritual to help you make peace with the past, live in the present, and bring to light your truest self.  

Improve your habits, shift your mindset and take control of the life you want to live

Without spirituality, goals, personal development, and healing you become lost with no direction and unfulfilled. At Havaya Meditation, you will access the highest of spiritual growth, personal development, and experience deep inner healing and meaning.

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