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Brave Space 

Group Coaching

Do you want growth, support, and realistic transformation?

Brave Space group coaching is based on spirituality, personal development, and self-discovery.

You will experience a transformational journey of connecting to the deepest parts of yourself you may have forgotten throughout the years.


The overall goal is to reveal your authentic best self, make real growth, and connect with your soul

About The Brave Space

This is a women-only 6-week group program starting July 4th until August 8th, 2021.


Once a week, every Sunday from 7 pm - 9 pm ISRAEL time. 

Sessions will be held on Zoom.


You will go on a journey that will open your heart while unlearning fear, connecting to love, and taking action. 


The sessions are designed to

  • Rediscover who you are 

  • Build your connection with your soul

  • Encourage you to go out of your comfort zone 

  • Heal deeply from the past

  • Live in the present

  • Create a life that aligns with your best self and stick to it

  • Establish a healthy relationship with yourself

What You Get

And so much more

6 group coaching sessions

One private coaching session

Personal & Spiritual Growth

Accountability & Support

The power of a TRIBE

Every day you have the power to be


The Brave Space is an interactive program created just for you to access spiritual growth, personal development, and deep inner healing that you’ve been longing for

On this journey, you will learn:

Kabbalistic principles


How to stay on track with your growth

Learn life-changing healing tools

Overcome limiting beliefs

And more

Benefits of Group Coaching


Together, everything is possible


Step outside your comfort zone


Being part of a tribe ensures motivation, support, and accountability during your transformational journey


This journey can be scary and unfamiliar to do alone. In a group, you are deeply supported along the way


You will be inspired to take action all while sparking your own divinity within

Early bird special price is 1,100NIS \ $370 until JUNE 25 2021


The full price after early bird is 1800NIS \ $555 and you get:


6 group coaching sessions 


1 private session


Personal development worksheets


Spiritual guidance

Personal & spiritual growth that's priceless

If this speaks to you in any way, schedule a free 20-minute consultation, click here! 
Send an email to

WhatsApp 0529573677

Just imagine the POWER of stepping out of your comfort zone, increased confidence, clarity with your desires, personal and spiritual growth all while having a tribe of women to support you! 


You will progress twice as quickly -  and that would CHANGE your life, forever

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