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Havaya by Elisheva Lavi is a source of healing tools and guidance for your journey.
Havaya הֲוָיָ״ה - ha - va - ya - refers to God's essence, translates to

existence, being, and experience. 


Elevate with Elisheva

A podcast on healing from within and guidance for your soul's journey based on Kabbalistic and personal development tools.

"I learn so much about the energy of the month from your podcast"

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Get exclusive content on the energy of the month according to Jewish philosophy, updates, meditations, and special offers.

Create a monthly roadmap with the energy of the month based on teachings from Kabbalah

 Transform problems into opportunity for growth by seeing the blessing disguise and the wisdom in chaos

Restore intermal balance, experience clarity, and move through emotions with customized meditations based on Kabbalah

Heal trauma, body stiffness, and connect to your body with movement therapy based on TCM 

Join live workshops, 

qigong classes,

Women's circle for

Rosh Chodesh, and more

Explore beautiful gifts in forms of journals, notebooks, posters, and cards based on Kabbalisitc art for yourself or loved ones


Enjoy meaningful and

well-written ebooks on Jewish holidays based on teachings from our Sages and Kabbalah

Take part in soulful online class from anywhere in the world! 
Classes are available both live and recorded.

‏"Aside from a deep sense of relaxation, Elisheva's meditation techniques take you much deeper. Whether you’re looking to come home to your soulmate, build the career of your dreams, or tap into what it feels like to feel safe in your body, Elisheva will customize a meditation plan to help you visualize and be in harmony with every part of your soul."

About Elisheva

Healing Guide, Personal Development

& Spiritual Torah Coach, Meditation & Qigong Practioner

I believe that every person has the ability to be their own healer but this journey takes consistency and support. 

Through the wisdom of Kabbalah, Torah teachings, movement, meditation, and dedication to self-love, I've experienced the greatest healing (and still do). Healing is a humbling journey as you learn to take accountability, take ownership of your life, create a healthy relationship with yourself, and identify where you can bring more love into your wounds. It is important to remember that a healing journey is a lifelong process.

If you have a question or want to experience healing from within and gain tools to strengthen being your own use the chat or contact form. I am here for you. 

Elisheva is certificatied in Kabbalistic Meditation, Transformational Coaching, Qigong, and a BA in Politics and Sustainability.



Online sessions via Zoom

Use this link to schedule a free 20 minute call on Calendly 

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