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Have you ever questioned if there is anything deeper about life? With remarkable teachings, Kabbalah adds soul to the understanding of the natural world and existence.

Kabbalah is an ancient Jewish mystical system used for over 2,000 years. To those unfamiliar with Jewish spirituality, the written texts can be obscure and difficult to understand. It is only through determination, careful analysis, studying every word in parallel to the Talmud or the bible, the obscurity is broken. Kabbalah is concerned with the deepest questions of creation, the Creator, the universe, and the soul. Kabbalah students study the esoterical part of Torah and look beyond the literal aspects of the text, to find the hidden mystical meaning. Students experience and gain meaningful awareness of life and themselves, connection with the inmost parts of the soul, and access to higher consciousness. Ultimately, studying Kabbalah is a personal experience that shifts one's reality, gives purpose to life, recognizes the soul within the matter, and reveals divinity in all that is created. 

Picture of the Zohar, books on Kabbalah 

Generally speaking, Kabbalah is divided into three categories: the theoretical, mainly based on the Zohar is concerned with the inner dimensions of reality; the spiritual worlds, sefirot, souls, angels, and higher states of consciousness and, perhaps, even a state of prophecy. Second, meditative Kabbalah by using divine names, and letter permutations to teach a higher state of consciousness and prophecy. The third category of Kabbalah is the-magical, closely related to the meditative. This category concerns itself with various signs, incantations, and divine names, through which one can alter and influence nature. 

Divide into three categories


Kabbalah, translated from Hebrew is to receive. In order to receive, we must open ourselves up and be receptive by being a vessel that absorbs the divine wisdom of Kabbalah. 

A spiritual journey encourages people to be in a constant mode of growth and Kabbalah represents exactly that. Mistakes are an unavoidable part of life. Nevertheless, we have an opportunity to correct our wrongdoings and live life in a state of seeking to constantly improve. When mistakes happen, the Creator wants us to connect to the light and gain divine wisdom by going within. From this, we learn the answers we seek are within us for we are a direct line to the Creator. 


A fundamental element of our purpose is to have a connection with the Creator. Emanation, the act or process flowing from one source is the link of how God created the world and how you relate to the world. The first thoughts, or emanations, are developed in God and flow down to you, and through this type of understanding, we begin a co-create process of our lives by taking action on those Godly ideas. Part of your journey is co-create life with the Creator and learn to block outside distractions and listen to the voice within us. 



Picture of Meditation 

In meditation, we learn to control our mind and enter a deep state of concentration to attain an inner state of awareness and intensify our personal growth. 

The purpose of such meditation is to connect to the infinite source of light, abundance, and love.

We are able to balance our being and soul, get clarity of what we want to do, and have a sense of guidance when we connect to the light of the Creator. Part of meditation is to realign yourself with your soul and diffuse negative energy. This type of mystical meditation is for anyone at any level that wants to learn how to connect to the light, the infinite source, the Creator. You don't need to be religious to learn this meditation however, come with an open heart and no judgment to gain the most from Kabbalistic meditations.

You will learn about divine meditations using the 72 names of HaShem or the Hebrew alphabet and create visualizations in your mind. Using our breath you will experience indescribable sensations as the light of the Creator travels in and out of the body.

With Kabbalistic meditation, you tap into profound infinite insights and unite with the essence of God and your interaction with the world. You find your purpose and create ways to live by purpose. Through mystical meditation, you learn that God created all living things with a purpose, including you. This is the purest form of love that every meditator and a living person can feel. 

Picture or sefirot

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