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Elevate Your Month

Learn Kabbalistic wisdom to navigate each month

According to Kabbalah, each Hebrew month has its own unique energy.

The Hebrew calendar is divided into 12 months with 12 signs (mazalot), Hebrew letters, a tribe, a sense, and Tikun (correction). Once you learn about the month's energy, you prepare yourself for opportunities designed for that month. Here you will find lessons on each month, a mini ebook, and a free inner-work sheet to guide you during the month.


Each class is made with you in mind. Simple and practical explanations on the energy of the month for you to use. Learning about the natural flow of energy according to Kabbalah allows you to prepare for what's coming, giving you an opportunity to utilize this month's energy. Please note that this is not Western astrology but rather KAbbalisitc astrology. Kabbalah teaches there are energetic influences each month and based on that, we can understand how to navigate the month. 


 The way we learn about the energy of the month is through Sefer Yetzira (the Book of Formation) which reveals to us the energic flow during a specific time frame. Kabbalistic astrology does not put into power the planets or the stars, rather the planets and stars are tools used by the Creator for us to understand what is occurring energetically. For example, Kabbalah teaches בפנים (inside) has the same letters as פנים (face). Although we cannot feel heartache in our face, our face reflects how was feel on the inside with difference facial expressions. If you want to know how someone feels, take a good look at their face (פנים) for it will reveal what's on the inside (בפנים) and the planets and stars rather reflect the mood of the energy.

The planets and astrological sign are not God but rather tools to explore what is happening inside creation at a specific time, they are the face of whats happening within creation. Through these channels, we can learn about the energetic influences and how to navigate them

To make your learning the most effective, each class has an online recording of a lesson attached with a mini ebook on the month, spiritual and physical tools and tips for growth according to a specific month, inner-work sheet + journal prompts, and free access to an online group for support (women only). 

By you purchasing one of my online classes, you are supporting a small business with big dreams to reach more people and provide tools them with tools to rise above their limitations and take a chance to grow, heal, and become whole from within. 

You do not need to be any specific race, gender, or religion. Every person can benefit from this learning.

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